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Vatican Gardens Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Residencia en 50 Opiniones

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente

It’s such an amazing place. Beautiful with so much history. I have always wanted to go and it was definitely worth the wait.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
St peter basilica

Fast track ticket! defiantly this st peter basilica tickets is the best because when you see the long queue front of basilica, you don't want to stay there. st peter's basilica entrance fee for fast track might be little expensive but worth to buy it.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente

I would recommend to anyone, I bought two tickets online, we went to Vatican didn't even read instructions we supposed to meet Guide in a set meeting point... so he didn't left us behind, rang to my phone and asked where we are, waited us until we arrived to meeting point (ofc we was late). Rest of the stuff was perfect brought us in without any waiting, gave to all team a lot of tips what to see where to go and also maps.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente

Excellent experience.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
A time saver

Very pleased with how efficient this was organised and how well explained the process of our visit was. Wasn’t sure about using this app, but now think I’ll be using it all the time.


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4-Excelente
Affordable price

Recommend to everyone! Buying tickets to st peter's basilica is good way to visit.


Vatican Gardens

Did you know around half of the Vatican State is covered in green parks and manicured gardens? The Vatican Gardens are the papal’s best-kept secret. In fact, they were designed as a quiet green space for the Pope to pray and meditate. If you want to visit this tranquil space, you will need to book Vatican Gardens tickets to enter the private access only area. Book your tickets or tour at least one week in advance to ensure you have your chance to experience the peace within the Vatican gardens. Get ready to discover the rare monuments hidden in this exotic botanic paradise. 

The Gardens of Eden awaits - reserve your Vatican Gardens tickets today! 

Is a visit to the gardens at the Vatican worth it? The green heart of the smallest state in the world is legendary. The opportunity to tour the gardens at the Vatican is an exclusive experience, and numbers are strictly limited. This means there is zero danger of shuffling through the Gardens in a herd of selfie-stick holders! An experience touring the Gardens is one to add to your day and is a great way to seek some calm amidst the chaos of other attractions.

Booking your Vatican gardens entrance ticket in advance is essential. You can look forward to an idyllic saunter through manicured gardens, bubbling fountains and some of the most incredible views of the Sistine Chapel through the forest. If tranquility is what you're looking for, the Vatican Gardens are sure to provide that and so much more! Get ready to enjoy the green oasis.

Vatican City Tours: Garden Highlights

#VaticanGardens: Insta-perfect

Vatican Gardens Tickets: Helpful Hacks

Vatican City: What To Explore Nearby

Vatican City Gardens: Prepare Your Visit

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Known For

Roman Catholic Church

Activity Type

Vatican Gardens Visit

Yearly Visitors

5 Million

High Season

July & August

Currency Required

European Euro

Time Zone

GMT +2:00

Vatican City Tours: Garden Highlights

  • On your guided tour of the Vatican Gardens, see if you can spot the Vatican Train station, Heliport & Radio Station!
  • Grotta di Lourdes: a miniature replica of the Holy pilgrimage site, Lourdes Grotto in France. 
  • Admire the beauty of the tinkling fountains & delicate sculptures nestled in the shrubbery. Keep your eyes open for the turtles! 

#VaticanGardens: Insta-perfect

The Vatican Gardens blend together French, English & Italian landscape architecture. The result? Postcard perfect orchards, Renaissance grottos, carefully tended trees & an oasis of green. Selfie-paradise! 
  • St Peter Basilica - From the Garden, you have the best views, therefore take your pick of the insta-worthy angles!
  • Labrinth - The noteworthy and vivid green maze makes the most dramatic photo backdrop. 
  • Fountain of the Eagle - Strike your pose by the 17th-century fountain, aim and shoot!
 Post your favorite picture on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured. 

Vatican Gardens Tickets: Helpful Hacks

  • Make your reservation and book at least one week in advance: the Gardens are not open to the public and require special reservations. Numbers are strictly limited hence get your tickets in time!
  • There is no re-entry with the same ticket, so use your Vatican Museum and Gardens tickets together. 
  • Your entry ticket allows access to the Museum during the day but not for evening visits. It may not be used for the Vatican Museum on Friday night. You must buy this separately. 
  • The Vatican city walking tour of the Gardens are always in the morning. Therefore plan to visit the museums in around lunchtime. 
  • In the place where the Pope prays, dress appropriately! There is a strict dress code for the Musei Vaticani and church. In a nutshell: cover your shoulders and remember that no shorts/miniskirts are allowed. 

Vatican City: What To Explore Nearby

Vatican City Gardens: Prepare Your Visit

  • Book your guided tour of the gardens at least one week in advance. 
  • Check the Vatican Gardens tickets official site for any temporary closures.
  • Print or download a map of the Gardens and Vatican Museums before your visit (or collect it free of charge from the ticket office).
  • Reserve your multilingual audioguide and enjoy a self-guided tour, or for a more personalized experience, book an expert guided tour. Check ahead for information on temporary exhibitions at the Vatican Museums, and plan your visit accordingly to catch the exhibitions that pique your interest! 


Is a Vatican Gardens tour tickets free?

The Vatican Gardens tickets price for adult admission depends on any ticket-holder discounts and the season. The cost can range from u20ac25.00 to u20ac45.00 per person. This does include access to the Vatican Museums. Your Gardens of Vatican City tickets will include a visit to the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel - but remember there is no re-entry, so you must see them all in one day.

Can you visit the Vatican Gardens?

Yes, but the private papal gardens can only be visited as part of a guided tour. You do need tickets for Vatican Gardens. The tickets price also include entry to other attractions in Vatican City Rome before or after you visit Vatican Gardens. The other gardens of the Vatican are u201cBarberini Gardensu201d located in Castel Gandolfo; these are also worth checking out! To visit all the papal gardens, join a Vatican Gardens bus tour.

How much are tickets to the Vatican?

Vatican entry tickets for admission to the museums and the Sistine Chapel cost around 15 euros (you cannot buy them separately). St Peteru2019s Basilica is free; however, with a fast track access ticket, you jump the queues. These Vatican skip the line tickets save you the agony of waiting in endless lines. And, the papal gardens tour includes admission to all of the above as part of the Vatican admission and offers the most bang for your buck.

Do I need to book Vatican tickets in advance?

You can purchase your ticket up to 60 days in advance. The availability depends on the season. Also, Wednesdays are especially popular due to the papal audience the Pope holds in the morning. Fridays during the summer also sell out fast as the museums stay open longer than usual (until 7 pm).

What are the opening days/hours of the Vatican Gardens?

Visiting hours for the Gardens are only mid-late mornings. There are no walking tours on Wednesday, only a Vatican Gardens bus tour. A Vatican walking tour of the gardens begins at 9:30 or 11 am. Bus tours depart between 8:15 am and 12:45 pm. The papal gardens are open from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays & holidays or mass days in the Catholic calendar). Annual closures include: 8, 25 & 26 December, 1 & 6 January and Easter Sunday. For the full schedule check the Vatican Museums official website.

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