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Tour of Verona

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene... The famous line from Shakespeare's greatest tragedy makes it impossible to detach Verona from the love story of Romeo and Juliet. And the history of the Capulets and Montagues comes to life as you wander through the enchanting cobblestone streets of ‘little Rome.’ Verona is also about Renaissance art, outstanding medieval architecture, food traditions, and impressive Roman ruins. The city’s remarkably well-preserved 1st-century amphitheater is one of the best places in the world to see the opera. Additionally, the countryside surrounding Verona produces one of the best red wines in Italy, Amarone.

Book a Verona tour;

Experience all that makes this famous Italian city irresistible!

With a Verona tourist guide, you’ll explore around the place of inspiration for Juliet's famous balcony scene, Casa di Giulietta. Also enjoy a visit to the Piazza delle Erbe in the heart of Verona, where there’s a food market and stunning Baroque buildings such as the Palazzo Maffei. Whether you choose large or small group guided tours, and whether you spend one day in Verona or more, you won’t be short of sights to see. The Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore, Castelvecchio, Porta Borsari, and Duomo of Verona are a few of the top attractions in Veneto. Discover the city’s rich culture and history with Verona tours!

Verona Tours: Highlights

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Verona Tour Tips

Verona Trip: Know Before You Go

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Verona Tours: Highlights

  • Retrace the tragic paths of Romeo and Juliet with a Verona Romeo and Juliet tour. Explore the famous places mentioned in Shakespeare’s heartbreaking tale: the house and balcony of Juliet, Romeo’s home, the Basilica di San Zeno, and the tomb of Juliet.
  • Savor the traditional cuisine of the region on a Verona food tour. Try an assortment of dishes, including risotto (a creamy rice dish cooked with broth), gnocchi, and bigoli (a thick and chewy pasta).
  • Embark on a wine tasting Verona experience to the Valpolicella region where some of the best wines are produced. Be sure to taste the luxurious wine made with raisins, and that was once reserved for royalty, Amarone.
  • Immerse yourself in the cultural and historical side of the city on a Verona walking tour. Verona’s city centre was built up in the ancient Roman times. It’s actually the second best place in the country, behind Rome, to see Roman ruins!
  • Step back in time, 2000 years ago, when the open-air amphitheater of Verona was built. Listen to your Verona arena tour guide and the history of how the impressive Arena di Verona started as playing host to gladiator battles, then lyric operas and concerts.
  • Explore at your leisure with a Verona Hop on Hop off bus. Admire the Verona tourist attractions from a panoramic double-decker bus; hop on and hop off at the designated stops and admire your favorite landmarks up close.

#Verona Photo Ops

It is no wonder that Verona is one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in Italy. Whether you’re visiting with your significant other or with friends, make sure to capture some of the best Verona highlights!

  • Climb to the top of Lamberti Tower for panoramic views. Snap a photo of the traditional red roofs and mountains surrounding the town.
  • Capture every corner of Juliet’s house: the statue of Juliette, her balcony, and the love notes left on the walls of the courtyard.
  • The medieval bridge, Ponte Scaligero, is one of Verona’s iconic spots to visit and great for a photo-op.

Got a winner? Choose your greatest snap from one of the best tours in Verona. Post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram!

Verona Tour Tips

  • Verona sightseeing tours cover most of the city and its top landmarks. However, if you’d like a more personal experience, where you can also arrange the itinerary based on your liking, a private tour is the best option for you.
  • Although Verona is a very walkable city, you can move around just like locals do, using a bicycle. Book a Verona bike tour and cover more sights in less time!
  • Once you’ve explored the best of Verona, it’s time to head out the city! Just a short drive from the city is Lake Gard, where you’ll find small villages and a gorgeous natural landscape. Book a Verona to Lake Garda day trip and travel through the picturesque villages of Sirmione and Limone Sul Garda.

Verona Trip: Know Before You Go

  • Verona is a popular location for international events. Therefore when planning your trip to Verona, you should take them into account. The Vinitaly International Italian Wine Fair is held in April and the Marmomacc International Marble Fair in September.
  • Choosing the best time to visit Verona depends on want you would like to experience. During summer, temperatures can get up to 40ºC, but it’s the only time you can witness an opera at the Arena. Alternatively, if you're looking for a less crowded scene, spring and fall are best.
  • For many years visitors have been writing their own and their beloved’s names on a note and then attaching it to the walls in the courtyard of Casa di Giulietta. However, nowadays the city’s council is giving up to 500€ fine to those pinning love notes on the walls. 


What is Verona known for?

The city of Verona is world-famous for being the place where Shakespeare’s love story, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, was set. Equally important, its magnificent Roman amphitheater is one of the city’s most famous landmarks and the venue for the Opera Festival during summer. Verona is Italy's fourth most-visited city and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Is Verona a walkable city?

Absolutely! Verona has lots of medieval and Roman architecture, and everything is pretty central. Walk from Piazza delle Erbe outwards, through the cobblestone streets, and admire all the sights as you go.

While you can explore the city on your own, a Verona walking tour guide narrates the history of the architectural treasures while also sharing Verona’s hidden gems.

What are the best tours in Verona?

You can choose your preferred Verona tour from a wide selection of offers. Top picks include:

  • Cruise through the River Adige and admire the city from a different perspective with a Verona river tour.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the marvelous historic center from a Verona sightseeing bus.
  • Stroll through the streets of Verona while learning its sights’ history on a Verona city tour.
  • Venture further away and explore the Veneto region with day tours from Verona.

Where can I go near Verona?

Verona’s location makes a perfect starting point to explore more of northern Italy. Here are some of the best day trips from Verona:

  • Lake Garda (70km): Italy’s biggest lake, dotted with picturesque towns and villages.
  • Venice (120km): The ‘Queen of the Adriatic Sea’ with more than 100 small islands.
  • Dolomites (200km): A mountain range perfect for climbing, hiking, and cycling activities.

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