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Boasting passion, sophistication, and sacred devotion to the good life, Spain is a country richer and more diverse than you ever imagined. Its ancient castles; snowy mountain peaks; important monuments; sandy beaches and elegant cities make it one of the top travel destinations in the world. In fact, it’s impossible to run out of fun things to do in Spain. Located in the extreme southwest of Europe, Spain encompasses soul-stirring landscapes of all shapes and sizes. To the east, the Pyrenees mountain range impresses with its wild forests and tall peaks. Washed in the waters of the Mediterranean sea, the hilly coastal plain of Valencia gives in to the sandy beaches and lands rich on citrus orchards. Above this valley, snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada rise unexpectedly from the sunny plains of Andalucía. 
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Catalonia feels very different from the rest of Spain, be it for its own languages, peculiar local customs or four diverse provinces with an amazing wealth of natural and cultural splendor. Here, you can indulge in the Pyrenean peaks, sparkling lakes, rocky coves, sandy beaches and seaside paths. No wonder it’s one of the top places to visit in Spain!

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Spain with its sun-drenched land, fiesta-loving culture, guitar-wielding musicians, reckless bullfights, and passionate flamenco... While this portrait is too romantic, somewhat outdated, and even plainly stereotypical, it’s not entirely untrue. Despite the inevitable loom of modernization, Andalucía maintains its gloriously spirited ambiance.

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The world knows the Canary Islands most for its seafront resorts. However, there is a whole new world of brewing volcanos, thriving pine forests, historic sites, lunar landscapes, and even Sahara-like dunes and sandy coves. The Canaries offer perfect year-round climate and temperatures which means you can enjoy the islands be it summer or winter.

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The Community of Madrid is a cluster of unique places united by culture and history. For centuries, this central region served as a meeting point for a multitude of cultural, leisure and entertainment attractions. Home to the capital city, the region boasts both cosmopolitan air and deep cultural roots which makes it one of the best places to visit in Spain.

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The most known detail of Spanish cuisine is the tradition of eating tapas. The exact definition of tapas changes from region to region though, one principle always stays the same: tapa is a small portion of delicious food. When in Spain, go “tapear” hopping from one tapas bar to the next tasting local specialties. 


Did you know that Spain prides itself on some of the best beaches in the world? The Mediterranean Sea washes calmly over 1660 km (1030 miles) of the Spanish coast. The beaches stretch from Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe, to the rocky Cabo de Creus bordering with France. Each part of the coast offers very different holiday experiences!


From traditional to innovative, rustic to refined, white, red, and sparkling, the wines of Spain offer as much diversity as its legendary cuisine, culture, and natural beauty. In fact, Spain wine cultivation areas are more extensive than in any other country. Wine grapes grow all over the place featuring an incredible variety of 400 grape types. 


Spain may seem like an unlikely destination for the thrill-seeking mountaineers amongst you. But, the Iberian Peninsula offers up some great mountain ranges with a ton of fantastic activities. So, if you are a skier, mountain climber, or trail hiker and you are wondering what to do in Spain, wonder no more. 

Museums & Monuments

From the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain is choc-a-block with fantastic museums and monuments. You could spend your entire life jetting from city to city, exploring all the treasures Spain has to offer and still not see them all. For things to see in Spain, you’re never in short supply. 

Cosas para hacer en SPAIN

To the northwest, lavishly green forests of Galicia dip their toes in the Atlantic; and the heart of Spain is filled with the windblown Meseta, a high central plateau, home to the adventures of Don Quijote.
However, Spanish landscapes are not the only ones resonating diversity. Many incredibly varied cultures shaped the soul of this temperament country including Castilians, Catalans, Basques, Lusitanians, Galicians, Romans, Arabs, Jews, and Romani people (Gypsies). What's more, each group enriched Spanish artistic, historical, and culinary heritage in its specific way.
Still, if places in Spain don’t disarm you with their landscapes, monuments, or music and dance, their succulent cuisine will surely do it. Food and wine are, indeed, a national obsession. When unsure of what to do in Spain, take a break in a tapas bar to think things over. The flavorsome local ingredients turn even the simplest of meals into a culinary experience. Traditional dishes include paella, fideuà, Jamon Serrano, patatas bravas, refreshing gazpacho as well as a vast range of tapas and pinchos. Also, red Rioja wine, white Verdejo or the sparkling Cava complement Spanish cuisine with smooth nonchalance.
Spain’s cities are modern and full of life while its countryside retains and enchanting quaint ambiance freckled with castles, and ancient ruins. The mountains offer refuge for hikers, bikers, and skiers; sunny beaches pamper leisure vacationers; Spanish islands welcome those in need of more exotic adventures. Madrid lures with its active lifestyle, culture, and museums; Sevilla charms with its music and traditions; and Barcelona seduces with modernist architecture and bohemian vibes - the choices are endless. All in all, whatever your travel taste buds prefer, this country won’t disappoint. Browse below for inspiration for exciting things to do in Spain!

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