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Located in the south of central Europe, Italy is a nature’s masterpiece boasting uncanny diversity. From the Alpine peaks and glacial lakes in the north... through lagunes and rolling hills in its heart... to sandy beaches, fiery craters and turquoise caves in the south… you will never run out of things to do in Italy! This inconspicuous country sitting on a boot-shaped peninsula is also home to the moral and intellectual faculties of human civilization. Philosophy, literature, music, religion, sciences, and gastronomy have flourished within Italian borders for centuries. Having been the epicenter of the Roman Empire and cradle of Renaissance, Italy will dazzle you to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s David, and Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. 
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Lazio is a cradle of western civilization and Christian culture shaped by mountains, lakes, and legends. Discovering best things to do in Lazio is like unwrapping a package full of surprises. The region boast with both natural and cultural beauties, add a generous dash of delicious food and wine and you have a recipe for the perfect holidays.

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Endearing you with lyrical landscapes, world-class art, and slow-food culture, Tuscany’s power of seduction goes unconquered. Its egg-shaped Florentine dome, cypress alleys and rolling hills in the morning mist are curiously familiar before you even set foot in the region. Best of Tuscany comprises an adventure for your taste buds as well as your soul.

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Veneto, although most known for the noble Venice, is a region of many different faces watching over uncountable artistic, natural, and cultural treasures. It expresses an extraordinary diversity of scenery from crimson Dolomites, vast mountain lakes, sandy beaches, to lagoons. Explore more things to do in Veneto now!

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Lombardy is a region in northern Italy with the most underrated corners, a symphony of peaceful lakes hemmed in by steep hillsides. It sweeps you off your feet with natural, historical, and contemporary treats. If you have seen all the “must-sees” and you find yourself wondering what to do in Italy, Lombardy is the answer.

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Piedmont is the second largest region in Italy. Sitting in the northwest of the country, it shares a stunning Alpine border with France. One could argue it's one of the most elegant parts of Italy. Here, the slow food culture, fine wine, and opulent palazzos, countryside, Alps, and historic towns make it one of the best places to visit in Italy.

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Sicily is a ruggedly captivating island on the southern tip of Italy. Having a lengthy history of foreign domination, it boasts a delightfully diverse culture presenting eclectic sounds, sights, and tastes from city to city. You will experience everything from the menacing smoke of Etna to the sparkling blue Golfo di Castellammare.

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Campania is a region defined by ancient ruins, dramatic coastline, and love of food. Sitting in the southwest part if Italy, it stretches along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its lively capital, Naples, resides in the midst of the region’s contrasting landscape features, the iconic gray cone of Mt. Vesuvius and the blue waters of the Golfo di Napoli.

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No nation is defined by its wine, like Italy. In fact, it’s an unspoken truth that in Italy, wine is food and cannot miss on a dinner table any more than a fork or a knife. Today, Italy is the largest wine producer of wine by volume with over one million vineyards under cultivation scattered around the country and grapes are grown almost in all its regions. 


It’s virtually impossible to overestimate the way Italians feel about food. Every region has its own spin on national cuisine, united mainly by the simplicity of the dishes and use of fresh ingredients cooked with love. It’s not at all surprising, UNESCO recognized the renown Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


For Italians, fashion is not just about the clothes but also the attitude - attitude of sophistication. The roots of Italian fashion reach all the way back to the 14th-century Florence. It was the elite families of the period such as the Medici who began to bound display and appearance with their identity. Today, Milan is the epicenter of fashion.

The Islands

Italy extends beyond the mainland, out into the sea. From Sardinia to Sicily, Ponza to Elba, the Italian boot that juts out into the Mediterranean boasts some of the most beautiful islands in the whole world. The islands of Italy are beautiful little treasures and the best of what to do in Italy treating visitors to a plethora of water activities. 

Italian Alps

If you love the outdoors you mustn't miss out on an exploration of the awe-inspiring Italian Alpine landscape. From Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Lombardy to Trentino-South Tyrol, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor sports and activities year round. Summer or winter, the choice of activities is endless.

Cosas para hacer en ITALY

In fact, the country has more UNESCO World Heritage Sights than any other country in the world. Hence, its entire cultural offering includes enough things to do in Italy to keep you busy for a decade. 

However, Italian way of life is not exclusive to its rich and eventful past. On the contrary, Italians are known to embrace style and flair in every facet of their daily lives. From immaculate and extravagant wardrobes and perfectly balanced espressos to the dedication of perfecting the little things, the idea behind of living the “vita all'Italiana” lies in living well. So, when in Italy, step on a break, slow down, style up and take a generous bite of life!

Speaking of bites, beyond the landscapes, galleries, and wardrobes, Italy hides another forte: its decadent cuisine. The superior gastronomy is famous for its high-quality ingredients and intuitive know-how. From the most uncomplicated street food to the Michelin-star restaurant, Italian culinary expertise will not let you down.

Indeed, the cultural, historical, culinary, and natural heritage Italy has to offer can accommodate even the pickiest of travelers. One day, you can be wine tasting in the rolling hills of Chianti; the next you can be galloping on horseback in Maremma; snorkel along the Ligurian coast; walk around Pompeii, the city frozen in time; savor an authentic Italian gelato or admire the masterpieces in the Vatican City. For more suggestions and tips on what to do in Italy browse through the well of information and offerings below!

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