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Cosas para hacer en STRASBOURG

The capital of France’s Grand Est lies to the west of the Rhine River. Strasbourg has an interesting past, characterized by power struggles, annexations, sieges, and occupations, all of which have contributed to building the city we know today. Its medieval roots run clear through its historic center, so much so that in 1988, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. Discover the history and culture of this fascinating French city. Visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Palais Rohan, Grande Île, Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame, and Place de la République. The list of things to do in Strasbourg is never-ending.
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Las mejores cosas que hacer en STRASBOURG

Visit Strasbourg Cathedral

Constructed on the site of a Roman temple, Strasbourg’s Cathedral of Notre-Dame is a masterpiece of Gothic style architecture. The over 1000-year-old monument holds a deeply rooted significance for cultural, symbolic, and religious reasons and is one of the most iconic places to visit in Strasbourg. Admire the majestic exterior with its richly decorated facades. Most impressive of all is the Cathedral’s spire, extending 142m tall. Step inside for a look at the stunning rose window, astronomical clock, and the gallery of kings. The magnificent array of art inside is absolutely breathtaking.

Join Wine or Food Tour

Travel the famous Alsace wine route. Explore the vineyards while learning about the favorable soil and other conditions that contribute to the area’s spectacular quality wine. For anyone wondering what to do in Strasbourg, a wine or food tour is a wonderful option for discovering its diverse gastronomical offerings. The capital of Grand Est is a food lover's paradise. The land surrounding Strasbourg is culturally rich in culinary specialties. Taste the unique flavors of the French cuisine, influenced by Germanic culinary tradition such as Choucroute, Tarte à l’oignon, Flammekueche or tarte flambée and Coq au Riesling.

Explore Little France

Of all the places to visit in Strasbourg, Petite France is arguably the most romantic district of all. The historic center is characterized by its beautiful canal system, timbered buildings, and charming sites. Explore Little France by wandering around and soaking in the scenery; there is plenty to admire. One of the most iconic places is the Barrage Vauban, a dam spanning the River III that was used as a bridge and defensive structure. For a comprehensive exploration of Little France, you can also take a guided walking tour around Place Kléber, visiting the most popular sites. Petite France is bound to charm you away.


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Cosas para hacer en STRASBOURG

Despite there being many visual reminders of the past, Strasbourg is quite a contemporary city. Known for its role as a commercial, business, and cultural center, the city gained international status in 1979 when the European Parliament opened. Since then, this dynamic city has become home to many European bodies and institutions. 

If you have any doubts about what to see in Strasbourg, take a tour around the grounds of the European Parliament, European Court of Human Rights or the Council of Europe. 

Strasbourg's History 

The city of Strasbourg once was a Celtic village. Under the Roman rule, the area became a Garrison town, called Argentoratum. When the Franks captured the land in the 5th century, the name given to the city was Strateburgum, from which the current name was derived. 

Throughout Strasbourg’s history, there were a number of struggles for power. The first resulted in the area becoming a free city within the Holy Empire, in 1262. Centuries later, it was annexed to France, before falling into the hands of the Germans after the Franco-German War. After changing hands a few more times, France finally took full control of the city after WW2. 


Due to its strategic placement, along with having one of the largest ports on the Rhine, Strasbourg has long been a center for thriving industry. In the past, the most prominent sectors were metalworking, tanning, milling, and brewing. Nowadays, food processing and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, plastics, and electronics is the city’s largest industry. 

Cultural & Historical Center 

One of the best things to do in Strasbourg is to join one of the city center walking tours. Explore the well preserved winding cobblestone streets of the historic center. Pass by the historical museum, Strasbourg Cathedral, Parc de la Orangerie, or stroll by the timbered houses to feel the atmosphere of the city. 

During the holidays, a stop at the famous Christmas market is a must! Of all the places to see in Strasbourg visit the Le Petit district (known as little Venice), it’s more beautiful than you can imagine. Also, art lovers will enjoy visiting the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain.

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