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Bordeaux otherwise named as the 'La Perle d'Aquitaine,' translates as The Pearl of the Aquitaine. The city also goes by the name Sleeping Beauty or in French, 'La Belle Endormie.' Situated on the broad banks of the Garonne river, providing direct access to the sea, the city is quite an important Atlantic Port. Throughout the history of Bordeaux, trade has been a significant part of what has fueled their economy. Historians and also anyone interested in art will find plenty of things to do in Bordeaux. 
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Las mejores cosas que hacer en BORDEAUX

Explore Triangle d’Or

Located in the heart of Bordeaux, the Golden Triangle is more than a city square. Historically, the district was classified as the richest and most beautiful of all of Bordeaux. Sprinkled with luxury shops, jewelers, goldsmiths, and countless impressive mansions nearby. The Grand Theater, Place Gambetta, and Place Tourny, each sit at one end of the triangle’s corners. Mostly inhabited by wealthy seniors, the opulent Triangle d’Or, peppered with high-end restaurants, makes up a strong part of the city’s heartbeat. The iconic square is one of the most popular places to visit in Bordeaux. 

Taste Cheese and Wine

Visit Bordeaux and taste the world-famous produce, cheese, and wine! The terrain of the region with its broad palate of soils, climates, and grape varieties means that Bordeaux produces an array of stunning wines with complex characteristics. Explore the local vineyards, wine cellars, and attend a wine tasting. Pair Bordeaux’s outstanding wines with traditional cheese from the region. Nouvelle-Aquitaine produces three kinds of cheese, specific to the area. Enjoy the Rocamadour, Issau-Irati, or Cabécou; enjoy with Bordeaux’s spectacular wines for an unforgettable gastronomical experience. 

Enjoy Place de la Bourse

Cherished by locals and visitors alike, the elegant square of Place de la Bouse is the city’s main symbol. The square represents its break from the Medieval walls that surrounded it for centuries. To the North, sits the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the National Museum of Customs to the South. Visit Bordeaux, and head to the Place de la Bourse to splash around on the Mirroir d'Eau (water mirror). A combination of the mirror effect with a gentle mist refreshes passerby. The central meeting point in the city is also one of the most photographed spots in all of Bordeaux. 


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Cosas para hacer en BORDEAUX

If you know nothing else about Bordeaux than its status as the wine capital of the world, that’s alright. The city’s rich gastronomy and wine culture are without a doubt two of its most defining features. It’s no wonder the capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine has a reputation for glamour and wealth. Decorated with 18-century architecture, there is an air of sophistication around every corner.

So, whether you want to discover archeological sites, try a glass of Bordeaux wine at a charming wine bar, or shop the trendy stores down rue Sainte Catherine, the city has it all! Don’t forget to check out the Triangle d'Or district also. Stay in Bordeaux or visit a surrounding town like Saint-Émilion on a day trip from Bordeaux. 


Founded by a tribe of Gaul, the Bituriges Vivisci, were wine producers who traded their wine throughout the region. Later, around 60 BC, during the time of the Roman Empire, lead and tin trade became two of the most popular commodities. Notably, around the same era, Bordeaux claimed the status of capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, making it quite the talk of the town. Throughout the history of the city, there were many invasions and attacks, which resulted in the land changing hands countless time. 

It wasn’t until the marriage between Henry II of England and the Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine that order was regained in the area. At this time, the wine exportation industry developed even further. However, during the 100 years war, expansion halted. Once the French colonial expansion took over, trade routes were re-established, and Bordeaux began flourishing once again. 

Finally, in the 18th century, the medieval walls around the city were dismantled, and ornate buildings sprouted up. Majestic squares, wide boulevards, promenades, and luxury mansions now decorate the city.

UNESCO Status  

Following Paris, Bordeaux boasts the largest number of protected buildings in all of France. Roughly half of the total area of the city of Bordeaux falls under UNESCO protection, making it the largest urban area across the world with the distinction; received in 2007. The jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion is the ideal place to explore if you love wine. In 1999, the area gained the UNESCO world heritage site status and became the first viticultural land to receive the designation.

Wine Capital of the World

Wondering what to do in Bordeaux? Try the wine of course! Self-proclaimed as the wine capital of the world the city even has a monument dedicated to wine. The local economy greatly depends on the wine industry. Enjoy wine tours near Bordeaux or visit la Cité du Vin (the city of wine) for a greater understanding of the influence of wine throughout the city’s history. 

The 50 m tall museum is the first in the world solely devoted to wine. A guided tour and wine tasting in the futuristic building is sure to excite your palate. Visit the famous wine museum and enjoy one of the best things to do in Bordeaux. Other places to visit in Bordeaux include the grande théâtre, Jardin public, and the water mirror de Bordeaux.

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