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Cosas para hacer en SAN CRISTOBAL DE LA LAGUNA

San Cristobal de La Laguna, colloquially known as La Laguna, is considered to be the loveliest town in Tenerife. The city makes for an easy day trip from both Santa Cruz or Puerto de la Cruz. Its unique historic town center with straight narrow streets rimmed by historic mansions, traditional bars, and quirky small shops offer a variety of fun things to do in La Laguna. Although it’s not the largest city on the island, it is by far the oldest. In fact, since 1999 the town enjoys protection under UNESCO World Heritage Site program. Formerly, the area was first called Aguero by the indigenous inhabitants (Guanche) and was once a pilgrimage site due to a large lake that used to be nearby (hence its name, La Laguna).
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Las mejores cosas que hacer en SAN CRISTOBAL DE LA LAGUNA

Get a taste of the nightlife

Everybody knows that the south-west corner of Tenerife is home to the resorts populated by traveling Brits. Package tour deals catering to the needs of those seeking an all-inclusive experience redirect to Playa de las Américas. But, Tenerife’s nightlife doesn’t start here and it definitely doesn’t stop here either. San Cristobal de la Laguna is home to 30,000 students and where there are students, there is a buzzing nightlife. For chilled out vibes, beers and tapas head to Bar 7 Vies. Those after cocktails should make for the atmospheric Strasse to sip on superbly mixed spirits. And, to dance the night away, Pub Gabbana is the place to be.

Cruz del Carmen lookout point

Located in the Anaga Country park, high above La Laguna, Cruz del Carmen lookout point offers excellent panoramic views over the former capital of Tenerife and Vega Laguna. What appears, at first, to be a simple observation platform is actually of historical significance. This vantage point served as a rest stop of those traveling with goods from nearby villages. On Wednesdays and Sundays, it also served as a small trading space where villagers exchanged produce. Now, it makes for an excellent afternoon out, and if conditions are right, you may even catch a glimpse of Mount Teide. Some sturdy boots and a camera are essential.

Hike in Bosque de Esperanza

If you're wondering what to do in La Laguna, head to the Bosque de Esperanza (forest of Esperanza) to be transported to another world. Located on the mountain ridge, Cordillera Dorsal, this forest is often bathed in mists that give the wooded landscape an ethereal feel. This is in large part due to the clouds of the trade winds which stick to the mountains, leaving the trapped moisture to envelop the area. Whether it’s just a stroll for those moving at a leisurely pace or a hike for the outdoorsy, a stop off at the Bosque de Esperanza is an absolute must. The forest’s micro-climate means there is a rich diversity of vegetation!


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Cosas para hacer en SAN CRISTOBAL DE LA LAGUNA

However, following, after the Spanish conquest of Tenerife, the Spaniards set up their own settlement in the area in 1496 which served as the island’s capital until 1723. 

Due to this unraveling of events, the town features two historical centers, each pertaining to a different time in history. The so-called La Laguna’s Upper Town is the town center of the original settlement located next to the lagoon and has a lovely unplanned urban structure. The Lower Town, sitting 1 kilometer to the east, was designed upholding philosophical principles and Royal regulations. It is the first example of an unfortified grid-model town which centers around the founding square, Plaza del Adelantado. The plan was so successful; the Spanish used it as a universal model for their colonial cities in the New World including Lima, Oaxaca, and Havana.

However, architecture enthusiasts are not the only one who will the place fascinating. What to do in La Laguna? Well, firstly, the town offers a perfect escape from the unbearable heat of summer. It sits at a higher elevation than Santa Cruz. Hence, the climate is noticeably cooler than other towns and villages. The freshness does come in handy in the height of broiling summer sun! Besides, you can explore museums, art galleries, surrounding countryside, or simply chill in the ever-bustling bars, restaurants. If you stay for the night, the city’s nightlife won’t disappoint either. Browse the page to find more things to do in La Laguna.

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