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Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, soars with art, architecture, culture, folklore, and vibrant street life. It is likely Italy's most delightful medieval city, an enormous open-air museum saluting the Gothic period. The numerous religious and secular monuments maintained their ancient forms and artistic diversity leaving its observers in silent admiration. According to a legend, Siena came into existence thanks to Senior and Ascanio, sons of Remus (one of the legendary founders of Rome). Hence, the statues, sculptures, and symbols of the wolf nurturing the twins are as ubiquitous in Siena as they are in Rome. On the other hand, the historical evidence suggests the city has Etruscan origins and became a Roman military outpost in year 30 AD. 
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Las mejores cosas que hacer en SIENA

Visit Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo is arguably the living and beating heart of Siena as well as an ideal starting point for your visit. Though initially created to serve as marketplace sporting a unique shell-like shape. Today, it ranks among the most prominent medieval piazzas on earth. The square remains instrumental in city’s social life. The Sienese gather here during crucial political events as well as for parties and celebrations of all kinds. The biggest and most known event happening on Piazza del Campo is the Palio Horse race taking place bi-annually. Indeed, Piazza del Campo is one of THE places to see in Siena. Don’t miss out!

Siena Cathedral

When it comes to the best places to see in Siena, visiting the Cathedral should not miss on your to-do list. While the black and white facade is quite imposing, the best part of the church hides in its interior. The cathedral floor is covered in religious stories and esoteric symbols; the Piccolomini Library hides exceptional frescoes by Pinturicchio; the Piccolomini Chapel offers Michelangelo’s carved statues of four niches and, after centuries of restoration, the cathedral’s sky vault lets experience the temple from a whole new perspective. The vault known as ‘the gate of heaven’ is, at last, also open to the public. 

Torre del Mangia

Torre del Mangia is a lovely campanile (bell tower) commanding Siena’s famous Piazza del Campo and the Public Palace. It dates to the 14th century and takes its curious name from its original guardian “Mangiaguadagni” (literally ‘eater of earnings’) since he spent all his salaries eating in local taverns. The tower rises 87 meters tall (102 meters if you count the lightning rod) and, at one point, it was the tallest non-religious structure in medieval Italy. In fact, it was built to appear to be the same height as the Siena cathedral so as to reflect the balance of power between the state and the church.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Experience

Forget about places to see in Siena, what about the wine! This beautiful medieval town’s ideal location makes it a wine lover’s dream come true. What does that mean? It means you can indulge it some of the best wines. Make for an enoteca and sample your way through an afternoon of fantastic reds and beautiful whites. You can stroll through Siena’s historic center idly moving from wine bar to wine bar and never have to worry about tasting the same wine twice. Or, if you’d rather, grab a tour and be whipped off to one of the many surrounding wineries. Here, you can learn about wine making enjoying the breathtaking countryside.

Experience Il Palio

Siena is not just famous for its exquisite medieval sights but also for one of the most authentic medieval festivals: the Palio Horse Race. Held two times a year on July 2 and August 16 (in honor of Virgin Mary), it features a thrillingly wild bareback horse race on Piazza del Campo, colorful pageants, street celebrations, as well as plenty of merry eating and drinking. Il Palio is one of the scarce surviving celebrations of its type in Italy and forms a large part of locals’ lives since birth. So, if you are wondering what to do in Siena, experiencing the Palio or learning more about it in its many museums can’t miss on your itinerary!


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Cosas para hacer en SIENA

However, its most prosperous period came along in the 12th century when the town grew and flourished in every aspect imaginable.
The literal, as well as the metaphorical, heart of Siena, is Piazza del Campo. The square is famous all over the world for hosting the annual Palio Horse Race. You may catch a thrilling glimpse of the city as well as the race in the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. From the piazza, branch out the city’s ancient contrade (districts). They are as cozy, clustered, and colorful as in the 17th century, the time of the inauguration of Siena Palio. Each district will dazzle you with lively streets lined with artisan craft shop, boutiques, indulgent pastry shops, and alluring restaurants.

Siena is a feast for your eyes, mind, as well as taste buds. The city is a medieval museum without a roof and ticket office. You are free to indulge in its impressive architecture and rich traditions that lurk at every corner. Siena definitely should not miss on your holiday itinerary. If you are not sure where to start, scroll down for ideas, suggestions, and inspiration for things to do in Siena!

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