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Stresa is a tiny town of 5000 inhabitants located on Lake Maggiore in the Gulf of Borromeo. It watches over the famous Bromeo islands which have been the main attraction in the region for decades. The town’s lovely architecture, countryside, and mild climate further increase the allure of this elegant destination with artsy heritage. Luxury villas, picturesque surroundings and busy agenda of cultural events won’t leave you without options when deciding about what to do in Stresa. 
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Explore Borromean Islands

Your first inquiry about what to do in Stresa will lead you on a boat. The Borromean Islands (Isole Borromee) are the four famous gems of Lake Maggiore. While you can reach them from various points all around the lake, Stresa and Verbania provide the best access. These islands and the villas that decorate them once belonged to the noble House of Borromeo. The villas burst with elegance while their gardens overflow with lush greenery and exotic animals. Three of the four islands – Madre, Bella, and Superiore (aka Isola dei Pescatori) are opened to visitors, but the tiny island of San Giovanni is off limits. 

Stroll Along the Waterfront

There is nothing that captures the spirit of Stresa quite as its elegant waterfront. A simple stroll alongside it the lakefront has the power to transport you to a different time period; to a time when Art Nouveau reigned supreme. The 1.5km long lakeside promenade really leaves you time to soak it all in and ponder over the surrounding views. In fact, it stretches from the ferry station in the center of Stresa all the way to the Lido di Carciano ferry dock which makes it a great “foreplay” to visiting the islands. Out of all the things to see in Stresa, the views it offers rank among the top attractions. 

Monte Mottarone Cable Car

Although it is possible to drive up to Monte Mottarone using an old toll road, it’s more fun taking a cable car from the shore in Stresa. If anything, the views are a thousand times better. Once you are up, a chairlift (included in the cable car ticket price) awaits to take you to the absolute top for views of Alps from Monte Viso to Ortles as well as the Lake Orta. Furthermore, as you travel higher and higher up the mountain, you can catch postcard-worthy views of Lake Maggiore and the Isole Borromee. Alternatively, if you have a thing for nature, the cable car makes a stop part way up at Alpino where you can visit the Giardino Alpinia. 


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Cosas para hacer en STRESA


The town first appeared on historical documents a few years before the end of the first millennium. Back then, it was merely a small community of peasants and fishermen. While different families ruled the area over the Middle Ages, it was the aristocratic Borromeo family who adorned Stresa with the magnificent architecture that made the town famous. They gained one part of the territory in the mid 15th century. Over the span of 200 years, united the entire district under their rule. The architectural highlights of their rule include places built on Bella and Madre islands. 


At the beginning of the 18th century, the town passed through a brief period of Austrian rule. That is before being acquired by the Royal House of Savoy responsible for most palaces in and around Turin. This was the time when Stresa started to pick up a reputation as a renowned tourist destination. It attracted visitors with sights such as Villa Pallavicino and Villa Vignolo.

Beginnings of Tourism 

The true boom in tourism though, came about in 1906, after the construction of a new railway tunnel that put Stresa on the map for travelers from London, Paris, and Milan. The more people visited the further the rumors of the beauty of Lake Maggiore and Stresa spread. In fact, many famous writers and artists immortalized the town in their artworks. Today, Stresa maintains its sophisticated atmosphere as well as aesthetic appeal welcoming hundreds of thousands of traveler from around the globe. There is quite a wide variety of things to do in Stresa. 


Visiting Stresa is a great way to combine a bit of culture, relaxation, and charms of the belle époque. Furthermore, the city is the best starting point for visiting the three Borromean Islands boasting historic, artistic as well as botanical appeal. In the town of Stresa itself, the lovely waterfront treats you to incredible views. As you stroll along the shore, you can gaze over the lake on one side and admire the Art Nouveau hotels on the other. Interested to find out what other things to do in Stresa are worthwhile? Browse the page for more ideas.

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