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Rome Pass Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Residencia en 400 Opiniones

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4-Excelente
Go early as you can to have chance of seeing more

Some fantastic exhibits but the Sistine chapel was far too crowded to be able to appreciate the experience. Also had to go through numerous exhibits I was not really interested in , in order to reach the chapel.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
Wonderful Colosseum tour with Valarie

Valarie provide the family (wife, daughters (11 and 13) and myself) with an excellent tour of the Colosseum. Valarie was extremely well knowledged and made the experience both interesting and fun. Valerie used very good aides to assist in teaching the girls about the Colosseum and provided a good layered build up to fully understand what the Colosseum was. Was extremely pleased with the tour and a big thanks to Valarie.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
Truly enjoyed

We truly enjoyed this tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The tour guide was very good and made sure that we got the full experience of the Colosseum from all levels including the underground passages. The tour of the Roman Forum was excellent as well. Our guide had an extensive knowledge base and guided us through perfectly with no waiting in lines.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
A brilliant tour. Highly recommended.

Pepe was most knowledgeable and professional as our tour guide. Excellent tour.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
Excellent way to skip the queues

Was met by friendly Gabrielle and taken straight in with all the info needed. Was able to amble round at our own speed. Can't understand why others don't pre-book tickets and stand in those massive queues. It may cost a bit more but well worth it.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excelente
Vatican tour was good

José Luis in the Vatican was amazing providing tons of info and he was super fun! Alex in the Colosseo, Foro and Monte Palatino was fantastic also he told us amazing stories we will never forget!


Rome Pass

Rome, the ancient capital of Italy, entices its visitors with haunting ruins, divine architecture, breathtaking art, and a vibrant bustle of modern life. With its history stretching over 3000 years, the city is capable of charming even the biggest of skeptics! Although exploring Rome through and through is no easy task, there is a perfect solution for you!

Book a Roma pass card;

Explore all the beauty and history of the Eternal City!

The number of incredible sights and attractions, the staples of its glamorous and dark past, is disarming. Still, curiosity draws you in. If you plan on visiting more than a couple of Rome’s top landmarks, consider reserving a Rome city pass.

Why? With your pass, gain access to multiple attractions; forget wasting your time in the queues outside the ticket offices or endlessly searching online! Besides, many of the passes include extra perks such as local discounts or transport tickets.

Browse the page for Rome museum passes that best suit your needs, and set off to discover the legendary capital!

Rome Tourist Pass: Highlights

Roma Pass Museums

#PicturePerfect #Top Sites In Rome

Rome Travel Card: Know Before You Go

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Ancient Monuments

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Rome Pass

Yearly Visitors

4.5 Million

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July & August

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European Euro

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GMT +2:00

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Rome Tourist Pass: Highlights

Each available Rome sightseeing pass provides a different set of benefits. In general, the services include:

  • Access to Rome’s most famous attractions with pre-booked online tickets.  

  • Skip-the-line Entrance. Visit the awe-inspiring ruins and Vatican treasures with no delay! 

  • POP Audio Guides. Discover the landmarks’ fascinating history from professional storytellers! 

  • Public transport pass for 72 hours. The holders of Platinum or Gold Rome cards can enjoy unlimited access to the capital’s metro, bus, and train. 

  • Special offers and discounts for services in Rome. Get to know local businesses as you are exploring the city!

Roma Pass Museums

  • Book a Bronze Day Pass to explore the Vatican’s legendary St. Peter's Basilica with fast-track tickets! 

  • With a Silver Rome Pass, gain access to both the Basilica and the Castel Sant Angelo, also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian.

  • For a complete sightseeing experience, buy a Rome’s Gold Pass. Don't miss any of the most iconic attractions in the Eternal City! Visit Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill.

  • Maximize your stay in Rome with a Platinum City Pass! Tour the Colosseum and Vatican City with live guides, enjoy free admission to the Pantheon and unveil the city’s secrets on a self-guided sightseeing tour.

#PicturePerfect #Top Sites In Rome

As you are exploring the Eternal City’s cultural and historical offerings, don’t miss the opportunity to share with your IG followers some breathtaking pics! Are you running out of inspiration? Check out these ideas from Rome’s most instagrammable spots:

  • Wander the quaint romantic streets of the Trastevere neighborhood. One of the most unique areas in Rome.

  • Capture the panoramic sunset views from the famous Spanish Steps.

  • Enjoy the look of the imposing Trevi Fountain beautified by the morning glow.

Got a winner? Choose the best snap from your Italy tourist pass experience, post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured.

Rome Travel Card: Know Before You Go

  • During the high season, Rome attraction tickets sell out very fast. If you are struggling to find Colosseum Rome tickets or would like to visit a couple of other landmarks, book a city pass Rome has. Enjoy your Roman sightseeing experience without unnecessary organizational stress! 

  • To fully enjoy tours and walking excursions, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Get ready for plenty of walking! 

  • If you are traveling in the summertime, remember to use sunscreen and drink a lot of water; the Italian capital is famous for its unforgiving sun and high temperatures! 

  • Whenever you decide to explore the city center or visit tourist attractions, beware of pickpockets!


Is it worth getting a Roma Pass?

Getting a Rome tourist card is undoubtedly worth it, especially if you are short on time and would like to see as much of the capital as possible.

With a pass, enjoy the unlimited use of the city’s public transportation system*, get an audio guide application, and visit Rome’s top sights with fast-track entries.

Considering the cost of metro in Rome and the limited number of Rome museum tickets, the pass Roma has can save the vacation of any traveler!

* A 3 day metro pass, Rome bus tickets, and Rome tram tickets are all included in the Platinum and Gold Rome pass costs.

What’s included in the Rome Pass?

Depending on which Rome travel pass you choose, you may enjoy:

  • Live-guided or audio-guided excursions of the city’s attractions;
  • A Rome transport pass for 72 or 48 hours;
  • A mobile application with sightseeing tours
  • Special discounts for local businesses.

If you are planning to book both Colosseum and Vatican tickets and would like to use buses or metro during the stay, getting a Rome City Pass is well worth it!

How to use the Rome Pass?

Once the booking process is complete and you are ready to set off for your Roman adventure, take the following steps:

  • Arrive at the office indicated in the voucher at the chosen time.
  • Provide the booking reference number or QR code to request your pass.
  • Select the itinerary you like best.
  • Access an interactive map of Rome.
  • Enjoy an unforgettable day of sightseeing!

Should I buy Vatican tickets in advance?

Landmarks inside Vatican City are highly popular among visitors all year round and especially during the summer months. As a result, you can expect large crowds at the ticket offices. Also, keep in mind that some of the tickets may sell out.

For guaranteed entry to the St Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican Museum, book tickets online.

With your pre-booked skip the line tickets, avoid queueing for hours at the attractions’ entrances. Save time for other sightseeing activities!

Can you see the Colosseum for free?

Indeed, it is possible to visit the Colosseum for free, if you have one of the Omnia Rome passes that includes entry to the iconic Roman landmark. Otherwise, you will be requested to buy tickets for Colosseum Rome offers. For the best deals, make a reservation online. Also, consider booking money-saving Colosseum combo options that let you explore other attractions in the capital together with the amphitheater.

Can you use Roma pass for Vatican?

All of the Omnia passes let you explore some of Vatican City’s top attractions. Depending on which Rome card you choose, the Vatican Museum ticket prices may be included in the pass. The cost of a Rome pass also covers skip-the-line service for visiting the attractions, including the ones in the Vatican.

What is the best time of day to visit the Vatican?

It is highly recommended to visit Vatican City early in the morning or anytime after 4 pm. This way, you can enjoy the Vatican landmarks without large crowds. Also, spend more time wandering through the corridors of the Vatican Museums or appreciating the breathtaking beauty of the Sistine Chapel.

For exclusive access to the Vatican sights and a more personalized experience, consider taking one of the available Vatican tours.

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